We are UBER Excited for Ubbi Dubbi 2020!

By Dakotah Swafford

Have you ever had a major life change and had to reevaluate your whole life, like your interests, your life goals, your adventure plans, and everything in between? I am going through that right now and I am making it a point this year to do so many things alone to expand my mind and just all over love for myself. Sometimes you need to do things alone to understand who you really are. It allows you to completely be yourself, because you aren’t bouncing your character off of who you are with.
Ubbi Dubbi 2020 is on that list. It feels like forever since I’ve attended a festival and I’m in need to just forget about life for a second and just dance the weekend away. This festival will be coming to Dallas/Fort Worth April 18th & 19th, 2020 at Global Life Park.
This is a festival that I’ve yet to attend, but I’ve heard SO many great things about. They do really well with bringing artists who will leave a lasting print on your heart and memory, this year including one of my all time favorites, Adventure Club. These 2 guys know how to put on a great show. If you’ve never listened to them, check out a few of their songs. Lullabies – Yuna (Adventure Club Remix) and Gold by Adventure Club are my two favorites. They know how to touch your soul, but also know how to bring the levels up to just vibe out and dance like no one is looking. You won’t regret coming to the festival just for them alone.
Another artist that I’m looking forward to is Green Velvet. We’re changing music styles from Adventure Club to Green Velvet. He has a tech house style and it’s one you won’t want to miss. I’ve gotten to see him before and it was so peaceful. Bring your shuffle shoes and come find me to jam.
My freaking favorite artist of all times will be playing this year, Kaskade. This dude is the GOAT of electronic music in my eyes. He’s so faithful to his fans, brings the best music, and plays his heart and soul out. He’s one that you can tell has major Llove and passion for what he does and he always has me crying so many tears by the end of the set. I can’t even tell you which songs to listen to before seeing him live, because he has so so many good ones. Just be ready to create Room for Happiness and know that We Don’t Stop when Kaskade is on.
I caught myself thinking about this festival while driving the other day and decided to listen to Dom Dolla, since he’s going to be playing! I was just driving and jammin to his music and I noticed how happy I was feeling. I was so thrilled to just be with me and losing my soul in the music. This truly has been a time for me to just enjoy being alone.
I cannot wait to attend this fest and just enjoy myself and let myself go in the music. Ubbi Dubbi 2020, I’m comin for ya! I hope to see you there. Get your tickets HERE!


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