True Blue – ADE Exclusive Interview with Jonas Blue

Interview by Cola Chu

Jonas Blue’s debut album – ‘Blue’ is due to be released at the end of this week on Friday, November 9th, and includes all the hit songs and 7 new tracks with various artists! During Amsterdam Dance Event, he talked to us about his music journey and his view on the current electronic music scene.


Raver Magazine: Your music is known for the mix of pop and electronic elements. More and more electronic music is getting into the popular pop song charts. It seems the boundary between the two genres is blurring, do you think it’s a good influence?

Jonas Blue: I think so. I think this is what makes a song stands out. But for me I grew up with pop songs, there’s a moment for me when I play a song in a club and everyone sings “Mama” or everyone sings “Rise”. I love that feeling! But then [the song] has a dance element in it as well.

Raver Magazine: You always have collaboration with different artists in your music. Is it always your goal when you started out as a DJ?

Jonas Blue: Yes, I mean more so even when I released Fast Car. The reason I collaborated with a lot of artists is because I had to find more new talents as a lot of big artists such as Liam Payne or Joe Jonas would not collaborate with me when I was unknown. For me, it’s always about discovering new talents and singers and I love it, it completes my music.

Raver Magazine: When you collaborate with an artist, do you talk to him or her before you compose a song or do you already have a melody?

Jonas Blue: I always write the songs and the melodies are generally already done (before approaching an artist). For instance, when I wrote Mama, I wrote the song and the demo was done. And then I reached out to William Singe, I have been a fan of his for about three years, I asked him if he would sing it. Same for Polaroid, it was finished before I approached Liam. But you know Perfect Stranger is a song that I wrote with JP Cooper in the studio. So it happens in different ways but generally I always have the song ready and the melody done.

Raver Magazine: You will have a new album soon, could you tell your fans more about it?

Jonas Blue: My new album Blue is due to release 9th November. It has been three years in the making, it has been a long time. I have been able to collaborate with a lot of artists that I probably wouldn’t be able to collaborate with when I started. There have been some incredible people, Joe Jonas, Liam Payne, Kaskade, Jessie Reyez but then there’s a lot of new talent there as well. The great thing about this album is that I have been able to explore with new sounds, production style and song writing techniques, so I think when people listen to this album it’s gonna take them to a real journey.

Raver Magazine: Do you have any tour plan to Asia?

Jonas Blue: Love Asia! I have just come back from Indonesia, I did a tour there. I would love to tour in Asia because my music connects really well there and the fans there are so devoted to music and really believe in music and artists. And there in my most recent show in Hong Kong there were people just crying, like nothing else I had ever seen in my life. I love that, I take that home and put that into my music, it’s a massive inspiration for me. But next year I have plan to tour a lot more in Asia.

Raver Magazine: Do you feel any difference between playing in Western countries and Asian countries?

Jonas Blue: Definitely! There’s a huge difference, that’s why I like doing them both. But Asia is a very special place and I think my music connects really well there for a reason.

Raver Magazine: Do you think they have different taste and reaction to music?

Jones Blue: Yes definitely! I never go anywhere with a pre-prepared set. I have my songs that people know me for and I am just vibing off the crowd.  Generally when I play in Asia, people just love singing!

Jonas Blue played his new album for the first time in a private launching party during Amsterdam Dance Event. It has everything people like about his music – chilled melodies, beautiful vocals and great beats to dance! Listen to his latest new song from his album below!



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