Raven & Kreyn are back on Mixmash!

Remember their banger ‘Bam Bam’ with Laidback Luke? Well, Raven & Kreyn cooked up some more serious beats to bring to the stage! Creating a heavy bass track full of energy that motivates you to really ‘Lose Control’ on the dance floor! The combination of the vigorous drop and the catchy vocal makes this track the ultimate festival banger! With a mix of EDM and future bass house with glitchy sounds, they bring the right ingredients to DJ booths all around the world. So add this one to your DJ set if you are ready for everyone to ‘Lose Control’!

Stream/download: bit.ly/RKLCMM

Michael Beas, Founder and CEO @BeasMichael of Raver Magazine had We had a chance to catch up with the duo for an exclusive interview this is what they shared up with us.

Every track has a story, a way that it came into being, what is the story behind your new track ‘Lose Control’?

We actually started with the vocal then we built a drop on the line: “Bass on the floor bass on the floor” haha. And the rest of the track just came naturally.

You guys have been on some pretty big labels including Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Atlantic Records and more. Now you are back on Mixmash, what is the experience like working with Mixmash Records?

We enjoy working with Mixmash as we work with them for a few years now and we have a great relationship, they always do their best to push every track.

What is it like working together and performing as a duo? How do you both sync up before a performance?

Before a performance, we have a drink together and we check again for some “events” during the show e.g. when we play a certain song, Tom goes on stage with the micro to do a kind of animation” etc.. and further on stage, we are just winging it!

If you can perform at any place in the world where would it be and why?

We would love to play at Ultra Music Festival. It has been a dream of us for so long. We never played in the USA yet, so UMF is a big goal for us!

What advice do you have for up and coming producers that are looking to get?

Never give up on your dreams and WORK HARD.


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