Patsy Cline Museum

Bill Miller, the founder of Icon Entertainment, chatted about the distinguished Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, which pays homage to perhaps the No. 1 woman in country music history.

Particularly impressive about the Patsy Cline Museum is that it celebrates the life of the legendary country music songstress and features hundreds of never-before-seen artifacts, personal belongings, and videos, among others.

The Patsy Cline Museum was just ranked as the No. 1 Music Museum in North America. How proud are you to receive that distinction and what makes you stand out from the competition?

“I believe it speaks to the fact that the museum is uniquely personal. Working hand in hand with Patsy’s family allowed us to present a truly private glimpse into her life as both a mother keeping a house and raising children as well as becoming a popular entertainer.”

What was the first piece you collected on Patsy?

“The first piece I acquired was one of Patsy’s earliest stage costumes; strangely enough, it was located in the UK.”

You work closely with Patsy’s daughter Julie Fudge. How did that relationship develop?

“We met Julie Fudge prior to even having the idea to do a museum. A mutual friend told me that Julie (and her family) were great people who we should meet.”

What fact did you learn about Patsy Cline that surprised you when you were putting together this exhibition?

“That she was such a prolific writer of letters and a loyal pen pal.”

What’s been the most interesting story you have heard from a patron at the museum?

“When Kathy Copas (daughter of Cowboy Copas and widow of Randy Hughes, both of whom were killed in the plane crash with Patsy) took me by the hand and led me to the vignette exhibit of Patsy’s dining room and described sitting at that very table many times. She said that the setting brought her back to the actual dining room that she and Patsy visited many times.”

To learn more about the Patsy Cline Museum, check out its official website.


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