By Michael Perlman // Photo Credit: @ericm_nyc 

The hype was high and the expectations were even higher as the LaserFace tour stopped at the Brooklyn Mirage in Brooklyn, NY,  but Gareth Emery came through and passed with “flying colors”….literally.  You’ll see a lot of laser productions as you venture from show to show and festival to festival but you won’t find one like this, anywhere.  The open-air environment, a first for LaserFace was incredible as it allowed you experience the greatest laser show on earth and with the night sky as the backdrop.  Surrounded by Palm Trees and other organic scenery made for a great venue to host this special show.

Alastor, Adam Scott, and Mike Saint-Jules opened the night with some great trance and surprisingly some very good tech-house.  This set the tone and vibe for Mr. Emery.  At 1am Gareth appeared behind the decks, the first track began and the lasers started to shoot in every direction.  The crowd went crazy as they were immersed in a jungle of colorful lights and feel-good trance music.  LaserFace shows are known to have more up-beat and energetic tracks to them then traditional Emery but this show was jam packed with high hard hitting beats ranging from PsyTrance, metal/alternative from the likes of Prodigy and even some techno beats that made the hair on my arms stand up.

I can truly say that Emery left everyone in shock and awe as no one expected the performance he put on for his fans.  The lasers spewed colors and shapes I didn’t think were possible from a laser projector.  Anthony Garcia truly is a master of his trade.  After an epic 2 hour set Emery gave his final farewell as confetti dropped from the sky, lasers of every color ripped through the air and it was a true moment of bliss and happiness for all.  A utopia may not be realistic in the world but for a small window in time it sure felt like we were in one.  Standerwick closed the show out with some great trance of his own and everyone went home filled with memories of colors, music and joy.

If Gareth’s goal was to WOW his fans, mission accomplished.


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