Mixmash’s founding father Laidback Luke collaborates with Steff Da Campo to bring us the Number 1 uplifting summer vibe that we desperately need during these times of uncertainty.

Now it s the time to bring the festival feeling into your living room with ‘We Found Love’!

If you are looking for some twisted House sounds then Steff Da Campo will bring you that pumping  drop and beat that no one in the industry can match. Mesh Campo’s sound with Laidback Luke’s style and BOOM you have magic.

Of course if that ins’t enough, toss in some hard core, soul shattering vocal’s that are both unique as well as inspiring and now you are transported to a musical realm that you simply will never want to leave.

Michael Beas, Founder of Raver Magazine had a chance to interview both Laidback Luke and Staff Da Campo virtually this past week, this is what they shared up with him for the Rave Family and Rave Community.

Michael started by asking, How did the dynamic match up of Laidback Luke and Steff Da Campo come together? 

Luke responds, “Steff and I have been in touch over email for years! We finally met face to face at Magnetic Festival in Prague. Steff has sent me his tracks for surely over a decade now. His sound has improved incredibly over the last years and so when I met him at the festival I asked him if he would ever be open for a collab.”

Steff  fires back with, “We’ve spoken many times online, met each other a few times during shows, ADE, or other events, and suggested a possible collaboration. After that, we got in touch online and started working on ‘We Found Love.'”

When asked about coming up with the title for the track ‘We Found Love’, and how it pertains to the current issues affecting the world, Luke adds, “The vocal came through Rob, who’s part of Team Keanu Silva. I must have gotten it about 5 years ago. It’s been in possession for that long! I still love the track and I’m so happy there’s finally a version that works! And you are right about the title. Love overcomes anything!”

Steff adds, “We Found Love is the catchphrase of the vocal of the track, making it perfect for people to possibly help them through these tough times.”

Michael went on to ask Steff, what is the one takeaway that you would like the Rave fans to love most from your music especially the new track?

Steff responds by saying “Making ‘We Found Love’ felt great. Since we were able to put a lot of emotion in this track, possibly even more than a lot of my previous tracks. I think that, especially in these tough times, music can be something to fall back on. I hope people will be able to draw some strength out of ‘ We Found Love’.”

Laidback Luke has always been a positive influence, not just in music, but also personally and in the world. So it is important to ask what advice during the Coronavirus Pandemic does he have for fans and the Rave Community especially as they go through this turbulent time in history?

Luke said “I think one of the most important things for us ravers coming out of this will be something I always say at the end of my VLOGs: “Rave safely…!”

In the spirit of Raving Safely Michael asked, have you both considered doing a virtual B2B set from your own homes? 

Luke confirms “Whoa that’s an amazing idea! I wonder how that could work and how we could possibly overcome a lag in audio. I don’t think that’s ever done before? That would be wild : )

Steff adds, “For sure. However, playing b2b sets right now is a bit tough. I do have some virtual sets & livestreams planned though in the near future, so make sure to check my socials if you want to catch those! 🙂

So there you have it Rave Fam, two of the most predominant legends in the music world, The Godfather himself Laidback Luke and House Music Icon Steff Da Campo giving us not only an epic new vibe to enjoy but also and inside look at the current times that we are living.

Be safe and don’t forget to stream, play, download and hit repeat on ‘We Found Love,’ it will not disappoint!



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