Julian Jordan Is Working Up the Levels – ADE Exclusive Interview

Interview by Cola Chu


This year at Amsterdam Dance Event,we interviewed Julian Jordan about his career and plans for the future! We’ve been following Julian for a while now through his music, interviewing him and attending his shows. Saying he plays with energy is an understatement – his sets pack a serious punch! Offstage he is as humble and friendly as can be. We’re happy to continue to support Julian as he continues to provide our music community with fantastic tracks. His latest single is no exception – check out our interview and be sure to play ‘Never Tired of You’ below!


Raver Magazine: You have been producing music since a young age. How does your music evolve and how do you constantly find inspiration?

Julian Jordan: I don’t have a thing for finding inspiration; it just comes at the most random moments. So to stay inspired, I just try to make music every day and work on music every day. And for tours as well, I really like touring and traveling, it really inspires me to see how different countries react to different music. I guess that’s what inspires me to do what I love every day!

Raver Magazine: The electronic music scene is rising is Asia. Do you find people from Asia react differently to your music?

Julian Jordan: I think every country is different, like the reaction of the crowd, the fan base, the people that work there. Everything is different. Some people like a certain style more than the other ones, I have to say I always have good feedback from Asia. I really love countries in Asia. They really go crazy! They jump really high, they have a great energy. So I would say they are one of my favorite continents to play.

Raver Magazine: Do you play differently in different countries? Like different music or

a different pace?

Julian Jordan: I think it’s really important to have your own style and to let people know what your music style is, but of course if they like certain songs more I will just play that because actually a DJ’s job is to entertain the crowd, and not think about themselves too much and let the people have a good time. I think it’s really important.

Raver Magazine: Could you tell us more about your new concept of PlayOn?

Julian Jordan: PlayOn is actually a bigger picture; it’s like a Julian Jordan logo which means something for me – even though sometimes you struggle with everything in life or something you don’t like is happening, you just play on and keep going. Also it started as an idea that my music is for everyone, I want kids and grownups to enjoy it. I started producing when I was 12 and (at that time) I never had a live experience, I couldn’t go to clubs or festivals but I was already making house music and EDM. But I had never been to a festival; festivals are accessible only for people above 18 or 21. So I was thinking why I shouldn’t start something for a younger crowd. We still haven’t finished the idea but it’s definitely something I want to do in the future – give all ages a show, give kids the experience I had when I was 15 at my first booking. I got so inspired! I was experiencing clubs, I was playing music, I was seeing the whole culture behind EDM music and I really want to have the new generation of kids to experience that as well.


Photo by Michael Beas


Raver Magazine: What was your first exposure to electronic music? How did you discover your talent?

Julian Jordan: I have always been a musician. I was drumming, I am still a drummer but I started when I was 5 years old actually. My father is a big music fan and I created music every day, making rhythm and everything. So I always liked creating music.  My brother is a big music fan, he was already going to house music festivals and he bought the CDs for the festival. He got this CD player in his room and I was just walking in and I heard my first electronic music, I was like I want to do this, I want to make this as well! And then I heard Tiesto on radio and then I saw him on TV in the Olympics and I knew this is it – this is something I really wanna do. I like this kind of music; I like how it’s performed. I was totally hooked. My father gave me a software program and I was so into it.

Raver Magazine: What’s the purpose of your label Goldkid? Is it for personal releases or for discovering new talents?

Julian Jordan: It’s actually meant to help up and coming artists. I was pretty busy with it and I am already quite happy with the results and everything is working very fine. Actually I am thinking about letting it go a bit and focus on my own career right now. I was not really happy about how many tracks I have put out this year. I think this year it’s gonna be next level, I want to have a good team behind me, I want to have the right tracks at the right moments, I want to have a bunch of music ready already so I have been working on that. I was looking for a good partner for that and I finally found it – STMPD RCRDS, I just chose to part GOLDKID for a moment because I think I will work up to a certain level with STMPD RCRDS where I am just working on my own music. And when I am established with that, when I am happy with the position I am in, I will think about helping talents again. And when I am more powerful I will give the younger generations a chance.

Julian Jordan’s new single “Never Tired of You” is out now! Be sure to click below and listen – it is bound to have you singing and bouncing along to the tune!


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