Amsterdam Dance Event

Heads up you festival addicts!

It’s one month before Amsterdam Dance Event!

by Cola Chu 

ADE is a five-day electronic music conference and festival held annually in October. It is not only a chance for fans to see all the best shows in an amazing city but also a platform for music, technology and media professionals to connect. Last year it featured over 2,500 artists and 550 speakers with events in more than 160 locations. It consists of complete day and night program for both business and fun!

During the day, the program includes conferences about various aspects of the electronic music industry. The experts of the industry will share their views on the current musical scene and there will be discussions on various topics such as marketing a record label and the booming festival trend in Asia. For aspiring artists, they will have a chance to meet face-to-facewith some of the world’s most popular and in-demand artists and get feedback on their demos from the professionals. Well-established producers from different backgrounds are invited to host a masterclass for a new generation of producers and share their skills and tips!

With over 2,500 artists from all over the world, you can expect a whole spectrum of electronic music shows within the 5-day event! There will be both day and night performances throughout the city. It will be a great opportunity for participants to discover new subgenres and artists and enjoy the performances of their favorites. As the number of shows is overwhelming, you are highly recommended to plan your itinerary and book your tickets in advance! Some of the highlights of the program are Symphony: The Global Revolution of Dance which is Hardwell’s last show and Amsterdam Music Festival in which the best 100 DJs are announced.

All the programs have a limited capacity and you can ensure your entry by either purchasing an individual ticket for each program or an ADE pass for all access. Whether you are working in the electronic music industry or just enjoy electronic music, this is the event to go!

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