Entering The Portal at Okeechobee Music Festival 2018


Featured Photo by DV Photo Video

Photo by Eric Allen

Okeechobee Music Festival opened up the portal to my heart and soul. If OMF were a human, I would fall in love a million times again and never get tired of that magnificent love that this festival gives. From the vendors, food, music, and art, Okeechobee made it possible to be carefree and interact with people from all across the country. This year was a very special year, because artists laid out their hearts and expressed themselves in both subliminal and purposeful ways. Whether you agree with the state our country is in or not, I believe that it is so powerful when artists are capable of expressing themselves through the music that they play. 

I interacted with so many people that will be life-long friends. From having a conversation about how good a set was, to bonding during an aerial yoga session after the massive sound healing ritual, Okeechobee did not disappoint in any way. This festival was so unique, because the community is so tight knit. I believe in manifestation and putting things out into the world in order to receive things. Manifestation was real at this festival, because there were so many instances in which ideas and dreams became reality through art installations, stage designs and musical bookings. 

Photo by Drew Cutting

There was so much new music to be discovered at this festival. When you go to a festival, it is important to step out of your comfort zone and see people that you are not used to seeing. There are so many artists that I discovered and can now look back on and listen to. Aquachobee had so many artists on Saturday that really set the tone for the rest of the day. Chet Porter was one specific artist that I really enjoyed as I rode the ferris wheel and took in the beautiful sights of all of the people enjoying themselves from the very top. DROELOE also impressed as the crowd looked liked the very waves crashing rhythmically at the beach, heads and bodies moving with the bass. The Icendia Stage played host to all the headlining acts after hours sets with an incredible B2B set with Illenium and Big Gigantic.  Florida natives Jinx, Easybaked, Serious Jorge, Golden Child, with Too Kind, Purge, Audigy, SPVD all closed out the festival with a resounding bang at the Pyramid Palace, bringing together the people of Okeechobee Music Festival once more time before the sun rose. 

Okeechobee felt like a dream that I never wanted to wake up from. The magic was real, you just have to wake up and look around you. 


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