Enter The House of Rapture in Miami 2018

by Amber Lynn and Thong Le

Rapture Music Festival, held in Virginia Key Park, Florida for Miami Music Week. It was the second installation of the wellness and music beach festival and it did anything but disappoint! The techno based fest had much more to offer everyone than your average 8-hour hardcore, bumping and grinding “norm.” The weather was perfect and the tunes were right, having a beach available at your fingertips had really set the tone and atmosphere of this place as well. To accommodate everyone, live painters, hammocks, rental paddles and true beauty at it’s finest.


Everyone had a relaxed attitude and space to breathe; and when the sun had finally set, it only got better from there. The music hit me hard, especially since I normally find techno boring. At this moment in time, I’m ready to try anything different when it comes to music and Rapture really hit the spot. The festival had everything I needed to make my experience as comfortable as I could imagine; it had everything from the beach where I could swim to open spaced dance floors, places to sit and eat, and when it got colder anyone who wanted to had a place to sit underneath a warm fire.


Rapture did a fine job of keeping me entertained with the lineup, Art Department was up first on my list of loves, his beachy set was something that kind of brought the light out of the festival itself. Guy Mantzur lucked out the most with timing, as the sun had started to set and he began to play, Manzur’s performance pretty much set the feel for the rest of the night. Other than Danny Howells and Luciano who were an absolute delight to hear, Chris Liebing was beyond sensational! Something about Liebing that stood out the most to me was how upbeat and fun his set was, he had an ease on stage that you don’t find too often in artists. Each of the artists had their own way of moving me though, and I never felt too tired or wore out. There was no point in the music, but not in a bad way, the kind that solely allowed you to dance freely. Aside from the music, the ambiance of it all was that it drew me to techno. I may not be a “techno queen” as someone called me, just yet, but I’ll definitely be back.Thank you, Rapture!



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