Dean Spinato, the president and co-founder of Anti3 Protect Series, chatted with Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Originally, Anti3 Protect Series was formulated to protect those with an active lifestyle from infections such as Staph, Ringworm, or MRSA,” he said about the origin of his company.

“We saw a need for products like ours, particularly in the wrestling community where infectious skin diseases were common; however, after seeing a serious need for disinfectants during this time as cleaning product shelves were cleared in stores, we realized everyone could use our products to keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” Spinato elaborated.

When asked what makes his company stand out, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, he responded, “Our products are EPA Registered so they are proven to be effective in killing 99.9 percent bacteria, germs, and viruses. When people use our products they can rest assured that they are working. Plus our products smell good, no bleach smell.”

On the hardest (most challenging) aspect of his job as CEO of Anti3 Protect Series, he said, “Keeping up with supply and demand has been the most challenging aspect currently. As the CEO, I want to ensure our customers are receiving products in a timely manner.”

Regarding his proudest moments and accomplishments with this company, he said, “Getting professional sports teams, the UFC Performance Institute, iLoveKickboxing, and over 400 gyms to use and trust our products to keep their members safe.”

On the future of Anti3 Protect Series, he said, “In the next five years, I hope to just see more people using our products and benefiting from keeping their home, office, gym or facility disinfected and safe for everyone.”

He offered the following inspiring message to people during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Right now, I think it’s important to take advantage of the time we have and turn it into something positive. Whether it be spending time with your family or developing a new skill, it’s important to continue to look on the bright side of this all. Hopefully, when this is all over we will have come out of it with a new appreciation for our loved ones.”

He concluded about Anti3 Protect Series, “Our products are effective and easy to use on a variety of surfaces including couches, shoes, counters, door handles, carpets, car seats, tile floors, and more. So if you are having trouble finding effective disinfectants during this time, then purchase Anti3 Protect Series, you will be happy you did.”

To learn more about Anti3 Protect Series, check out its official website and its Facebook page


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