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This past Presidents Day weekend, Cityfox LIVE played tribute to the art and craftsmanship of LIVE music at AvantGardner. Aside from the music and the eargasmic energy, what made Cityfox so ‘live’ was the reaction of audiences. For those who are familiar with live sets, they know exactly what to expect. They anticipate to see artists not only DJing and mixing, but actively making music on the fly with their own studio equipment versus a set of turntables.

Stepping into the venue, concert-goers were introduced to a miscellany of sound where they could venture into The Great Hall, Kings Hall or The Lost Circus. With a fully-stacked lineup featuring Gui BorattoRodriguez Jr., Paul KalkbrennerSchwarzmann, Christian LöfflerKate Simko, Henrik Schwarz, Tim Engelhardt, Soel, and Robert Owens.

Photo credit: @ChrisLavado

The Best Sets of The Night?

Respectfully, they were Soel, Âme Live who played together with Henrik Schwarz as SchwarzmannJohannes Brecht, and Tim Engelhardt.

Photo credit: @OffBrandProject
Photo credit: @ChrisLovado

Time after time, Avant Gardner has proven to be the most audio-visually equipped venue in all of New York City and continues to outdo itself as NYC’s top venue.



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