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“Ball Drop” by Colin Tanner was released in the fall of 2019 via Lulu Publishing Services. Colin Tanner is a pen name for an alumnus of the hit reality television show “The Bachelorette.”

In this book, Tanner takes his readers on a journey in the underground world of debauchery, as well as salacious encounters. Colin Tanner navigates the choppy waters of his life in this provocative tell-all memoir, who goes from law school (and realizing that law wasn’t for him after he graduated) to the adult entertainment world (where he danced all over Chicago and Wisconsin as John Travolta’s character in Grease).

Following his dancing career, author Colin Tanner pursued the mental health field, where he started a popular blog on his Instagram page.

Without giving too much away, Ball Drop is recommended for fans of reality television. In many instances, it feels like a real-life soap opera with nonstop drama and chaos. Readers ought to buckle up since it is bound to be a messy, edgy, and wild ride.

Ball Drop by Colin Tanner is available on Amazon by clicking here and via the publisher’s website.

The Verdict

Overall, Ball Drop by Colin Tanner is a bold, witty, and compelling book. Any person that has ever been in his shoes (on reality TV or struggling to find their own identity) will find the memoir honest and relatable. It is 276 pages long that can easily be read in two or three sittings.

Tanner deserves to be commended for saying things as they are, and for not holding anything back. This unapologetic book garners 4.5 out of 5 stars, and it is worthy of a sequel.


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