At just 15, Dutch whizzkid Todd Helder found himself winning a Marshmello remix competition. His stunning edit of ‘Alone’ was rinsed on tour around the world by everyone’s favourite buckethead. Just months later, Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS came knocking, signing Helder’s debut release ‘I Need’ plus a subsequent eight more singles. With other releases on labels like Lowly and Trap Nation, it was only a matter of time before Helder’s scorching blend of 8-bit electro, trap and hip-hop found its way into the ears of the revered NCS A&R team. As Helder, now 21, makes his NCS label debut with ‘Closer’, his huge new collab with Guy Arthur and TITUS, Raver Mag caught up with him to find out more about the talented European…

Todd Helder & Guy Arthur ft. TITUS ‘Closer’ is out now on NCS – free to stream and download:


Hey Todd! For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Yo! My name is Frank van den Eijkel and I got into music production when I was around 15 years old. In the beginning I was just playing around but when I entered a remix contest for Marshmello and found out I won, things started to become more serious, however also still a lot of fun! 

You have a new track coming out on NCS this week called ‘Closer’. What’s it like?

YES and I can’t wait to finally drop this baby together with Guy Arthur and Titus on NCS! I’m very blessed to release and work together with these amazing talented artists and I hope we’ll do more stuff together in the near future.  

You’ve got a really nice blend of genres across the single. Is that something we   could hear across all your work so far or is that because you collaborated with Guy Arthur?

Thank you! Yea definitely, with each song I try to challenge myself into doing something new and refreshing to keep myself excited and motivating while making music!

Apart from yourself, who are the other young stars from Dutch music who we should be keeping an eye on?

To be honest I’m not really following the Dutch scene at the moment but I can name a few artists which are killing it right now from other scenes: BLVD, Quiet Bison, Mylky & HL:DR 

Do you feel like there’s a lot of pressure for you to make the big hits simply because you’re from the Netherlands?

Not really, I focus on making & releasing music that I love and would listen to while studying or playing video games.

You’re still pretty new to the American scene. What do you think is going to make you stand out here compared to all the other up and coming producers from Europe?

There are a 2 things which makes my sound stand it from all the other artists, first is that all my songs are heavily influenced by the arcade hall / 8-bit / chiptune sound! Second of all is the ability to blend genres with a creative twist I think!

Is the US market crucial to you?

The US market is very crucial to me because a big part of the fanbase/listeners are from America. Also Europe is very 4 by 4 based which is not my target at the moment!

What would be your dream event to play over here and why?

That’s like asking ‘what is your favorite harry potter movie’ I CANT CHOOSE! There are so many sick ones in the US which I hope to be playing in the near future: EDC, Coachella, Electric Zoo, Electric Forest and Ultra Miami! 

The music industry as a whole is going through a pretty tough time right now. How are you holding up and how are you handling it? Are you managing to survive ok and have you had much cancelled?

Yeah we are in a rough situation right now, but I’m very blessed to be in a position where I live with my parents and they support my career which is not usual for other producers in this industry 🙂

What is the first thing you’re planning to do when all this is over?

The first thing I would go to is the cinema with my friends and brother! 

We heard that you’re a pretty serious gamer. What’s your perfect game for surviving COVID-boredom?

I am ahah! For now I would suggest everyone to download ‘Warzone’ which a battle royale type of game, kinda like Fortnite but without the building aspect of it! Also Minecraft is hella fun especially if you play with a bunch of friends on one server!

Are you a solo gamer or do you like to play online with others? What are your best games for either situation?

I don’t mind solo but I prefer to play with friends! But if I play solo, I like to play Subnautica which is a open world survival action game and when I am with friends we either play Warzone or Minecraft!

Can we expect any more music coming from you on NCS?

 For sure, Keep an eye on my socials 😉


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